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Hot yoga… sweat it out!

Hot yoga… sweat it out!

I have recently returned to Bikram yoga. Do not be fooled, this yoga is not for the faint hearted! The class lasts 90 minutes and is in 40 degree heat. Just staying in the room is a challenge in itself! If you decide to try it do stick with it as it has transformed my figure shape and energy levels. Bikram Yoga

So you know what to expect, each class is the same and consists of 26 postures.


It is very hot in the room and clothing has been an issue. I have been searching around for suitable pieces that allow my body to move and sweat and still feel comfortable.

I am very fond of these websites and what they offer:

Urban Yoga

Let Your Body Breathe

They are stylish and very practical in class and I am sharing this knowledge with you!

If anyone has any other recommendations for yoga clothing or stylish fitness wear do let me know.


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