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Natural products, always your best choice!

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Natural products, always your best choice!

Recently, winter took a turn for the worst.  My skin is horribly dry and cracks easily with the dry winter air, making me literally feel the absence of humidity around me.  So I decided to go on the hunt for some skin and hair care products that would make my life easier for what is left of the winter season.  Although I had already looked for online recommendations in trusted sites such as this, I was disappointed by almost all products I found, just like so many times before.

Shea butter soap

Home-made shea butter soap, always the best


I decided to change my strategy and to search rather for home-made products from regional sellers.  An amazing site to find all these kinds of products is southafricanlisted.com because I can always localize regional producers.  I know from family traditions about the fabulous effects natural products on skin and hair such as argan oil, honey and shea butter.  The moisturizing effects of oil and natural butter are obvious but I hadn’t known before that small quantities of heated up honey can also work miracles.  After first buying small quantities of the offered products, like small bars of shea soap and one or two bottles of oil, I realized that the old, traditional methods are simply the best you can have.  In no time at all, my skin and hair were moisturized again and now I’m ready to defy the cold season!

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